In the middle of January 1943, Sidney sent a post card and letter to his parents and a letter to his fiance Amy. In January 1941, Sidney had obtained a marriage license for Amy and himself, but he never used it.

10th January 1943
Dearest mum & Dad,
I have only had 1 letter this week - Mothers of 26th Nov. Sorry to hear you are not getting my mail regularly - things seem to be so disorganised at present. This week has been one of continual snowfall as we have quite a depth on the ground now. Last night I went to a lecture - "Experences of a Reporter in New York" which was very good, and that is about all I have to tell you this week. I hope no-one has any ill effects from the Xmas Rush. I am still very well. Give my love to all - Your Loving Son - Sidney
16th January 1943

18th January 1943

It appears from this letter, that Amy has called off her engagement to Sidney and this is his reply to her.


  1. Wow Nicola ! I was nearly in tears as I read this. How could anyone not love my wonderful Dad ?! I'm not surprised I never took to Amy when I met her. What a man he was, to forgive her like he did .

    1. I'm pleased you are enjoying reading the letters. I thought it was a good way of sharing them with the family and also digitising them at the same time.


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