After Sidney had been captured, and before his family had been told of his capture, his sister Barbara sent him the following postcard from the Duchess of York's Hospital in Levenshulme, Manchester, where she was training to be a nurse.

June 2nd [1941]

My Darling Sidney,

Here I am again 7 about time too I'm thinking, although it is only a p[ost] c[ard] still I'll get quite a bit on. How is life with you old boy!? Its not treating me so badly either, I have quite settled down here. Some of the Babies & older children, (we have ____ to the age of 3 yrs) are adorable. I'm in the operation & surgical wards & its frightfully interesting. The only thing that bothers me is when we have our sleep disturbed by the air-raids. Mum & Dad have not sent me your last letter as I am going home this weekend or rather from Friday night to Saturday night. I have to be back here at 9.30 Sat night. I wanted Wednesday , off really, my birthday but haven't got it. Sheila has been over at Aunties for Whit sun tide so _____ had quite a nice time the short times I've been off. I hope you have a really nice & happy birthday, where did you spend it & what doing? This last day or two its been lovely here, frightfully hot. Have you got my birthday card I sent you yet? Amy's saving me some birthday cake for when I go home. I wonder if she will save a piece for you when you come home. Hope it won't be long now. Well I must end now & will write a letter later. With tears of love hugs & kisses & the best of luck.

From Babs.

The post card was send back to Barbara undelivered as Sidney had been reported as a prisoner of war


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