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In 1999, I made my first visit to Vienna and before I went I was given a photo and address of the building in which my grandmother Ilse, her mother Hulda, and her grandmother Gisela lived in. The address is Blechturmgasse, 16/8 (Bellesage at the corner), Vienna. When I visited, I had a look to see if the building was still there.  I can't be sure if it is the same building, but if it's not, then it is very close.

#genealogyphotoaday Day 02, a day late I know, but this is a photo of my grandmother, Ilse Fransiska Felisitas Frankenbusch.  She was born on the 9th November 1915 in Dolní Polubný, Czechoslovakia and died on the 28th August 1994 in Steeton, Yorkshire, England.  Here she is during WW2 in the ATS uniform.  The photo was taken in about 1944.