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Putting leaves on the Branches part 1

During 2013 I managed to undertake some research into my AustroHungarian side of the family, all from the comfort of my sofa.  My Aunt, +Sonia Waterfall , had been writing a book about Hulda Frankenbusch nee Kohn (my gt grandmother) and had sent me a link to Ed Zwieback's website.  From here I used some of the sources he used and managed to research my tree further.

For the Austrian side of my family research I used FamilySearch and the records of Vienna's Jewish Community.  Here I finally found the birth of Hulda's brother Felix

as we knew he had died during WWI of typhoid fever aged about 18years.  I now have to find his death record.
Another website that I used was This is a cemetery database for the Jewish section of the Friedhof Cemetery in Vienna.  I found the Huldas father, Rudolf is buried here, along with her mothers parents and some of her siblings.
Finally I have also been using and browsing th…