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Names of Frankenbusch's who died in the Holocaust

The following list of names are from the walls of the Pinkus Synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic.  Some of these people are siblings to my great grandfather Rudolf Frankenbusch, who spent the war in the UK.  Others I do not know who they are, but they will still be remembered today.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Alfred Emile Marie Eduard Franeisk Jiri Josef Hermia Karel Maria Karel Adela Milan Jiri Ota Villem Edita Gisella Tomas Hana Marie Olga Valorie Kurk

6/8/1890 16/4/1885 25/1/1884 10/2/1866 3/7/1905 15/11/1941 15/11/1875 10/4/1881 1/9/1873 2/1/1884 26/3/1884 7/10/1887 16/7/1909 16/7/1920 17/9/1874 19/9/1915 21/9/1905 9/6/1899 25/11/1940 31/8/1917 6/8/1894 5/8/1878 11/5/1882 20/5/1903

19/10/1942 18/5/1944 5/9/1942 18/5/1944 18/5/1944 31/10/1941 31/10/1941 6/9/1943 6/9/1943 18/12/1943 6/9/1943 23/3/1943 1/10/1944 20/8/1942 15/12/1943 15/12/1943 23/10/1944 20/8/1942 18/11/1943 20/1/1943 20/1/1943

Prisoner of War

During the Second World War, my grandfather, Sidney Waterfall, who at the time was a birthright Quaker joined the Army in a non combatant role.  He was a private in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was stationed in Britain until January 1941, when he and the rest of his corps left for the Alexandria in Egypt.

Sidney was only in Egypt for about a month, before he was sent to Crete on the 19th April 1941 to prepare for the defence of Crete from the Germans.  The battle for Crete started on the 20th May with early airborne landings (Ref: Anthony Beevor; Crete: The Battle and the Resistance; London; 1991; p.102).  When the British Army realised that Crete was a lost cause, they called for the evacuation of troop back to Egypt.

Sidney was one of 5,000 troops that was left behind on the island after the British surrendered Crete to the Germans.  Sidney then became a prisoner of war and he was initially held in a transit camp for five months before being moved to a permanent camp in Germany.…