Bewsher Research

Over the past few months, I have been concentrating my family research on my Bewsher line.  The Bewshers are on my paternal great grandmothers side of the family and they come from Westmorland and Cumberland.

When researching this line, I have to be careful with regards to the spelling of the surname, as I can't just search for BEWSHER, I also have to look at the various other ways in which it can be spelt.  For example; BEWSHEAR, BUSHER, BEWSHAR, BEUSHER, amongst others,

During my research, I have hit the proverbial brick wall and at the moment I am unable to find a way through it.  At the top of the tree, I have a James Bewsher who according to the censuses was born about 1780 in Asby, Westmorland. At some point before 1815 he married a Jane, who according to the censuses was born about 1783 at Hutton John, Cumberland.  So far in my research I have been unable to find a marriage for James and Jane and I haven't found a baptism for James in Asby either.

In order to try and find a way around it, I have been researching all the Bewsher's that appear in the parish registers in these two counties, and I have plotted where they are found on Google Maps, yellow pins for Cumberland and red pins for Westmorland.

As you can see from the map, most Bewshers can be found in Cumberland, but there are a cluster of Bewshers found on the Cumberland/Westmorland boarder.  At the moment, it is these Bewsher's and those in Westmorland that I am concentrating my research on, so finger's crossed, maybe I will begin to break down my brick wall.


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